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High ticket sales secrets
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The proven framework that will allow you to close a $2K+ monthly retainer client in one call.
Grab the scripts, trainings, workbooks, and frameworks that Freelancers and agency owners are using to hit $10K in 30 days, $30K in 60 days, and $100K in less than 6 months. 

Let's face it...

Being stuck in the low ticket trap is horrible.

You land your first $500 per month client...yay! But then this happens....

😩  You realize that you are doing work that is worth at least $3K...but getting paid pennies. 
😩  The client is breathing down your neck every day, micro-managing every little thing you do. 
😩  You see your colleagues posting that they landed a high ticket client and you just can't seem to understand HOW. 

You're not alone! Most people always start out low ticket...and they get stuck there. Staying in the low ticket trap is basically setting yourself up to quit. You will burn out eventually and straight up quit your business. 

It doesn't have to be this way. 

This High Ticket Sales Secrets course is designed specifically for you. It will take you from "IDK if I can even close a low ticket client" to "hot damn! they paid $3K ON THE CALL." 

This is the same sales methodology that I learned while working at Google. It is proven, tested, and gets results. 

With High Ticket Sales Secrets you will...

❤️ Finally start closing clients that pay you $2K/month and more
❤️ Finally land premium clients that respect you and pay you your worth
❤️ Have a proven script that you follow on every call that makes your prospect lean in, engage, and eventually say "take my money I NEED YOU"
❤️ Stop doubting your abilities and show up like a boss 
This proven system will help you turn any prospect (yes even those dreaded "I only want to pay $300/month for your services" types of clients) into a premium high ticket client.
Normally $197

This sh*t works...check out some of our results👇

$11K In her first 2 weeks with just 3 clients
2-3 discovery calls per day from inbound leads
$6K per month from just one client
Went from $3K to $15K/month in 3 months
No objections immediately after raising prices and using this framework.
Went from $3K to $15K/month in 3 months
$100K+ from ONE client
4 high ticket clients in one week
From low ticket to 1 client = $4K per month

When you are a part of an epic space, you get epic results.


⚡️High Ticket Sales Principles: I’m going to let you in on the fundamental principles that underpin successful high-ticket sales. With them, you’ll be able to attract and persuade any high-ticket client to work with you on a retainer, paying you anywhere from $2k to $15k per month - depending on your niche. Trust me, having these principles by your side before you enter a Zoom call with a prospect is well worth 100X the price of this bundle. 

⚡️The 7 Beliefs of High Ticket Sales: Dive into the mindset and strategies that are essential for mastering high-ticket sales. These are the very tactics that transformed my hesitant leads into committed, high-value clients. Armed with these beliefs, your sales conversations can turn into successful closings with ease.

⚡️Beyond The Script: Sub-Communication in High Ticket Sales: Uncover the potent impact of non-verbal cues in high-ticket sales. More than your words, it's how you present them. Drawing from my own experiences, I'll show you how the right posture, tone, and presence can make all the difference. It's these nuanced skills that elevate a good salesperson to a great one.

⚡️High Ticket Sales Call Framework and Script: A detailed guide to effectively close high-ticket sales.
This framework is the essence of my experiences and successful strategies in the high-stakes world of sales. This isn't just theory but a practical, tested path to success, empowering you to approach every sales call with confidence and expertise.

⚡️Objection Handling Framework and Guide: Transform objections into opportunities with this strategic three-part framework. In sales, objections are opportunities for deeper understanding and agreement. The workbook is filled with real-life examples and effective responses that have converted doubtful prospects into satisfied, high-paying clients.

⚡️Top Objections And How To Respond: Uncover how to navigate the most common objections with effective responses. You'll master the art of addressing objections in a way that not only resolves concerns but also showcases your strengths. Being well-prepared with these tactics ensures you’re always ahead in any sales discussion.

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In case we haven't met yet let's do a quick intro. My name is Suzy Crawford and I'm a mom to 3 living with my beautiful and crazy family in California. 

I have been in the marketing industry for over 14 years with 7 years spent leading marketing and advertising strategy at Google. I have worked with and led marketing strategy for 7, 8, and 9 figure brands.

I have learned A LOT throughout my career and now I want to put this knowledge in the hands of people like you building businesses. 

I'm so excited to have you here.

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