Have you ever wished there was a shortcut to figuring out this whole social media thing? A way that could guarantee that your content actually works for you and makes your business money?
👀 Well look no further...👇
Stop crossing your fingers that your next post will finally work. Instead, learn the proven method that is backed by (actual) marketing psychology and turns your social media into a sales machine! 💸
If you're a service-based business owner and you contemplate throwing your phone at the wall every time you try to think of what to post...then look no further 😍
Psssst...this is the same framework that recently produced a $148K month, without any ad spend or fancy funnels.

How many times have you found yourself saying…

😩 WTF do I post today?!
😩 I’m so over it. No one sees my content anyway.
😩 I posted everyday last week and still nothing to show for it!
😩 Why aren't people buying!? What I have is GOOD. 

You're not alone! Posting content that actually builds your business and makes you money isn't the easiest and it can leave you frustrated, wanting to just give up, and putting off Michael Scott "I'm over it" vibes.

What if you didn't have to wing it and instead you could follow a proven system that helps you create all the content you need AND gets you results?

The truth is, unless you're building your business solely by word of mouth (not scalable), then you need a content strategy. Your content is what is going to attract your dream clients and get them to say "ooh I want whatever she's selling!"

When you do content correctly, it becomes your marketing machine. 

This is exactly why I created the Magnetic Content system - to give entrepreneurs an easy way to turn their content into their very own marketing machine.

I have been a marketer for 15 years and live and breathe all things marketing.

I worked at Google for 7 years and learned exactly what it takes to create content that actually builds a business.

I have helped thousands of business owners go from...

 🥲 "I have a business idea that is good...but I can't get people to actually care about it"...

to finding their voice and creating content that draws people in and gets them excited, engaged, and BUYING. 🥰

With the Magnetic Content system you will... 
❤️ Finally have posts that bring in your ideal clients and have them engaged waiting for what you are going to post next
❤️ Create months worth of content in one sitting 
❤️ Actually be able to have a social media that helps your business instead of it just being the thing that takes up time
❤️ No longer sit staring at your phone trying to determine what the latest trend is that you need to follow
❤️ No longer feel like you need to follow influencers in your niche to see what they post and copy it...you'll have your own unique content (that actually works!) 
❤️ No longer feel like you need to see how many likes and comments you get after each post because you know your strategy works and brings you a flood of clients 
❤️ Have people reaching out to YOU because your posts are that damn good
Normally $47



⚡️Magnetic Content Course: Six in-depth video modules that will teach you my signature method to create a year's worth of content that nurtures, engages, and converts. 

⚡️Magnetic Content System to create 12 months of content in one sitting. You will get access to the spreadsheet and a sample of my own content to get you started. 

⚡️109 scroll stopping content headlines that actually get people to stop and hear what you have to say.

⚡️[BONUS] How to create captions that convert: Captions should not be treated like a throwaway part of the post. Captions are critical if you actually want to have a profitable social media account. This bonus workbook will walk you through exactly how to create captions that convert and give you templates you can use for your business. 

⚡️[BONUS] Building an irresistible brand: Build a brand that people remember and actually seek out. Become the go-to authority in your niche and watch your followers flood in.

⚡️[BONUS] Nailing your niche: Niching down is not some trendy thing (although it's become a very trendy term). It actually allows you to create content that speaks to your ideal client and is critical in building a brand that resonates and brings in buyers.


Yes you will be getting the most comprehensive and powerful content course there is. 

Yes your content will finally be working and doing the selling for you.

But the best part of implementing this system?

You get your time back.

Imagine never having to worry again about dedicating hours upon hours every week just to content. Instead, you get your time back and can spend it with your family, your friends, or just you Netflix and a glass of wine. 

With Magnetic Content you can create an entire year's worth of content in just one hour...and because this system uses the same marketing psychology that I learned from the best marketers in the world, this isn't content that will fall flat. It will get you followers, turn the followers into fans, and fans into buyers.
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In case we haven't met yet let's do a quick intro. My name is Suzy Crawford and I'm a mom to 3 living with my beautiful and crazy family in California. 

I have been in the marketing industry for over 14 years with 7 years spent leading marketing and advertising strategy at Google. I have worked with and led marketing strategy for 7, 8, and 9 figure brands.

I have learned A LOT throughout my career and now I want to put this knowledge in the hands of people like you building businesses. 

I'm so excited to have you here.

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